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A humanistic counsellor

Sue Gandy a humanistic counsellorI am a practicing counselor and psychotherapist working in private practice at Newton Abbot. I also train counselors and am currently an Associate of the organization, Safe Place for Counselling and a Director of Professional Practice and Ethics at the Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In all my work I am a passionate advocate for the value of authentic relationship as the basis, the starting point, for the therapeutic process.  Those of us seeking counseling or psychotherapy do so in the desire for some change in the lived experience of our lives.  There are techniques and practices which help us to live our lives differently and I use several of these in my therapy practice.  However, it is the underlying relationship between me as therapist and my client which provides the safe working experience of effective therapy.

Telephone for an informal chat: - 01626 331831